Shadow and Light Coalition,LLC

Shadow and Light LLC was established on February 15, 2021 by Dave Roberts and Reverend Patty Furino, co-authors of When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve peace and wholeness by embracing the yin(shadow) and yang(light). We believe that encouraging individuals to integrate spiritual practices with psychology, will empower them to achieve greater awareness, meaning and transcend life challenges.

Dave and Patty are available for:

•Adult Mentoring which would encompass, among other things: conversations about life choices and life transitions, and conversations about integrating newfound spiritual awareness in everyday life. Mentoring programs are tailored to individuals’ specific needs.
• Individualized Spiritual and/or Grief Counseling.
• Consulting with other organizations who wish to incorporate spiritual practices with evidenced based practices.
• Virtual or in-person presentations and workshops to universities,
organizations and other interested groups.
• Virtual or in person book club meetings.

For further information, please contact Dave and Reverend Patty at