Walking in Awareness

by Yvonne Johansen

Me and my mom Rita during our younger years and again in 2018

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast with record-setting flooding and devastating winds.  My 90-year-old mother was left without power. Scared and alone in her apartment on Long Island she contacted me in California.  Miraculously, her phone still worked.  Not knowing how to help her or what to do, my husband suggested calling the Red Cross.  And we did.  An angel answered the phone, her name, Patty Furino.  

That phone call changed my life forever.  Not only did Patty help get my mom scheduled deliveries for food in the weeks to follow, but she also helped me problem-solve by finding her a warm place to stay until her power was restored. 

To say that Patty has been an instrumental part of my life over the last nine years would be an understatement.  She has been a HUGE part of my spiritual wellness.  Patty has empowered me to understand that I am connected to something greater than myself. We have had quite a few “marathon conversations” over the last nine years and I think it’s accurate to say,  over time my thinking shifted… and once it all changed, there was no going back to before.

WALKING IN AWARENESS, finding meaning and purpose in my life, has opened doors I don’t think would ever have opened.  I have developed the power and capacity to make critical decisions and choices that have grounded me during periods of change. I have also  developed resiliency and learned to thrive with grace and inner peace in the face of adversity.  Having a spiritual element in my life has helped heal suffering from past experiences.  The power is extraordinary.  

The power of a shift in thinking occurs when something so revolutionary happens in your life that you have no choice but to reorganize your thoughts and reinterpret your experiences through this new lens. After meeting Pat, my life was divided into before and after.   Try as you may, there’s no going back to the way things were before.  I experienced an earthquake of the mind—a massive and momentous transformation of perspective that completely shook, jolted and changed how I approach the world. And all I can say is it’s pretty wonderful.

Some people spend a lifetime in pursuit of their purpose. That’s a shame. 

I believe we are meant to do one thing with our life, and that is to awaken to the fire within which is the fuel of all life. In other words, do what makes your heart smile.

Patty & Dave’s book, When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister, is packed to the brim with existential truth and the kind of perspective and wisdom that will give rise to The Shift within you. The book will completely change your life and the way you look at it. It’s a reminder that life is what WE choose to make it. Second chances are real because you have the power to change your life’s direction no matter where you currently are.  In Pat’s words EVERYONE HAS THE POWER…. even a housewife from Long Island.  

About The Author

Yvonne Johansen, MS, CCC-SLP is the Lead speech-language pathologist at Citizens of the World Charter School in Hollywood, CA.  She has over 30 years of experience as a clinical supervisor and Founder of Children’s Therapeutic Center,  providing home based early intervention services through Regional Center & Early Head Start programs. Since the beginning of her career,   Yvonne has enjoyed helping children with speech and language disorders,  providing support and training to families and caregivers.  Yvonne has experience working with a variety of populations within various settings in both New York and California.

Her passion for helping children coupled with her creativity, serves as the foundation for her educational toy company, SmartFelt Toys.

SmartFelt Toys makes award-winning, multi-sensory interactive playsets that build early language skills in young children.  Beginning with My Little House and now with My Little Farm, My Little Zoo, and My Little Farm Bingo, these uniquely designed, classic toys provide children with the groundwork when building their receptive and expressive language skills.

Yvonne measures her success in how she can make a difference in the lives of children. SmartFelt Toys is an extension of that.  Her dream is to one day manufacture SmartFelt in the United States, hiring a diverse workforce, empowering individuals with special needs in achieving their independence.

Yvonne was born and raised in New York.  She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology/Audiology at Marymount  Manhattan College.  Yvonne also holds a Master of Science Degree in Speech Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC.

Discovering the Joy of Being Still and Other Thoughts on “When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister”

By Judy Parker

Old Forge Pond, Old Forge,NY ©2020 by Kathleen Spatuzzi Photography and used with permission

I feel an overwhelming need to share just how much Dave Roberts’ and Patty Furino’s book When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister has impacted me. The effect is so profound that I have already sent copies to two dear people who have suffered loss. I plan to send more to others whom I believe will benefit from the message in this book. I believe in the healing power and comfort of this book.

Whether the loss is of a child as Dave and my brother experienced, loss of a mother, father, sibling, nephew, friend, or a beloved dog, the hurt and loneliness can become almost unbearable. This book gives me hope and strengthens my faith that death is not the end of our existence. The effect on my perspective has been far-reaching and I want others to know about the peace, comfort, and joyful expectations this book has brought me. With my existing faith I believed I would be reunited with loved ones in the future but now I know I don’t have to wait until then. I am learning that I can make my own connections with them. I am even discovering the joy of being still,  which is something new for me. During those still moments more peace comes to me than when I rushed hither and yon for years,  looking for the next great thing.  Practices like Dave’s “Pieces of Me” provides more opportunity for the growth we all need to be truly happy.

I think about messages that I previously perceived as mere random occurrences. I now realize that life is not just a series of coincidences. I accept the fact that I can’t control a lot of life,  and that’s ok. Instead of being fearful about what the future will bring, I now eagerly anticipate the gifts of presence from loved ones who have transitioned, in the here and now. Walking with spiritual awareness as advocated in this book allows me to not only be receptive to change but to actually look forward to what life can bring me. I know it won’t always be rosy, but I have faith that the good will far outweigh the bad. I can now envision a future filled with wonder and possibility.

Dave and Patty’s book helped me believe that we really don’t lose our loved ones but develop a new connection with them.  I am so happy that I don’t have to abandon my core beliefs but can be empowered to develop a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries. What a marvelous thought that we can learn from so many different sources! In fact this book helped me learn to tap into many more resources than I could ever have imagined before. Who would have thought we could learn so much from Native Americans, animals, people who are put in our life path like Patty for Dave, and even random strangers whose paths cross ours. I love the fact that you don’t have to be a “gifted” individual to develop a higher awareness of life. We just need to believe .

Another great benefit from this book is that I now have a large reference list of material in which I can delve even deeper and, in the process, explore myriad avenues of thought. Neil Peart’s “healing road” to which the book refers is not just a healing road, but an elevation to a higher life experience. I see more clearly that life is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving if we are receptive and open to connecting to something greater than ourselves.

Dave and Patty express to the reader that our individual paths are not like anyone else’s and that there is no one “right” way to live. I believe this book has started me on what I hope is a never-ending road of discovery. I am excited about looking at the world with wider eyes and without fear of what I may find. I feel joy in reaching out to others and sharing my newfound knowledge. As Dave said, the power of community to work through grief is real. In the process of sharing in our community’s growth and supporting each other we can make this a better world for everyone. I am more attuned to opportunities to “help” others not just in big ways but even in simple acts like smiling. I want this to become a part of who I am.

My heartfelt thanks go to Dave and Patty for this book and for my new outlook on life and death.

About The Author

Judy Parker was born on July 30,1951 in rural Williamsburg County, South Carolina.  As a middle child of 11 in a farming family she learned at an early age what hard work really meant.  Judy attended Winthrop College, in Rock Hill, South Carolina from August 1969 until December 1970, after which time she transferred to the University of South Carolina(USC) in Columbia.  Judy earned a Bachelor of Science in Education (mathematics) in 1974 and a Master of Mathematics in 1977 from USC.

Judy’s first career was as a mathematics teacher at junior and senior high schools in Columbia ,South Carolina from August 1977 until January 1983. After teaching, she transitioned to the field of Information Technologies. From January 1983 until her retirement in May 2013, her positions included: insurance and real estate computer systems installation and troubleshooting, data systems analyst, instructor of insurance principles, system software, and computer systems problem management.  She enjoyed her career and found immense satisfaction in her work.

She is divorced and the mother of a 34-year-old daughter. After retirement, Judy had a little difficulty in figuring out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Because of her passion for the outdoors, she quickly decided to use her free time to hike in state and national parks.  Judy is currently exploring the idea of buying an RV and “traveling this grand land of ours. “