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Through our personal stories, we can discover a new understanding of the past, while creating the present that we desire.

When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister

After Reverend Patty Furino and I co-authored and published the book When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister, on Amazon on March 1, 2021, we decided to develop a companion website as well with a blog. Our blog, “The Story Continues” started out as a place where Patty and I could continue to share our reflections based on our ongoing conversations, when inspired to do so. However, “The Story Continues,” has become a place for other contributors young and older alike to share their life narratives and reflections. As we are firm believers in going where the universe guides us, we want to invite others who so desire to share their stories with us. Here are our submission guidelines:

  • Submissions will be edited for spelling, grammar, and format. Your content will never be altered. Before we publish your work, we will send any suggested edits for your final approval.
  • Submissions can be, but not limited to topics such as: critical thinking, integration of grief, ancestral healing, how you develop continued bonds with your loved ones, integration of psychology and spirituality, or how When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister impacted you.
  • All submissions should include a featured image. If it is your own, let us know. If it is coming from another source, please make sure it is properly credited.
  • Our goal is to give you feedback on your submissions within 24-72 hours.  If you have a specific publication date and time in mind, please let us know. Otherwise, we will schedule a publication date accordingly. 

Please email your initial submission to: Please spell and grammar check your work prior to emailing us. Though we provide editing suggestions, our response time will be faster if you do some preliminary due diligence. 

After we receive your first article submission, we will give you the option of becoming a regular contributor to “The Story “Continues” blog:

  • Once you are approved to become a regular contributor, you can upload your content to”The Story Continues” and edit it as well.
  • As regular contributors, you can submit as often(or as little) as you like. We want your work to be your original best.

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you an opportunity to share your thoughts with our subscribers and your support network. Wishing you peace.

Dave Roberts and Reverend Patty Furino

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